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The Dayton Music Hall of Fame is a virtual experience that commemorates, celebrates and honors Dayton’s major-label recording artists from all genres—from the 1930s until today. Music enthusiasts, inside and outside the industry, believe this is long overdue. During the 70s and 80s, a city of less than 200,000 residents (Dayton, Ohio) produced more major-label recording artists per capita than any other city in the United States. The socioeconomic, political and cultural factors around this phenomenon are the focus of research projects being conducted by a number of academicians today. Inspired by this renewed interest in Dayton’s music scene and a passion to share their stories for posterity, 70s and 80s recording artists are collaborating with experienced project managers to create the Dayton Music Hall of Fame. Visit for more information and to follow the creation of this historical, community-based institution.


Secure a place in history for Dayton, Ohio’s recording artists, from all genres, by utilizing pedagogy, exhibits, storytelling and live events to highlight their artistry and how it impacted education, economic development and diversity.


1) Schedule classroom appearances where Dayton band members share their “behind the music” stories to engage students in reading and writing about the music culture of that era.
2) Provide students with mathematics enrichment by promoting the educational factors that helped bands in Dayton become successful such as studying music theory.
3) Improve school attendance and classroom behavior by highlighting the relationships between Dayton’s band members and their teachers that helped them become successful.
4) Demonstrate how studying History can be interesting by educating students about songs recorded in the last century by Dayton bands that have been sampled by today’s popular recording artists (Dayton is the most sampled city in America according to some music historians).


1) Curate exhibits, across all music genres, that can be displayed at arts and educational institutions as well as appropriate public venues around the country.
2) Create virtual exhibits, across all music genres, in multiple languages, that can be posted on appropriate websites to reach a global audience.
3) Create a Speakers Bureau with trained speakers who can travel across the country giving talks about Dayton recording artists, their music and their impact on education, economic development and diversity.

Storytelling and Live Events

1) Create an oral history franchise of fascinating stories about Dayton recording artists that can be narrated by professional storytellers at appropriate venues, festivals and events.
2) Create an “Unplugged” event franchise where Dayton recording artists tell their own personal story and give an acoustic performance.
3) Create an annual event to honor Dayton recording artists, where performers across the country, from all music genres are invited to perform and participate in the celebration.


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